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As the Coordinator of the Center of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science and ICT, I have the pleasure to welcome you to the website of CEA-MITIC.


The African Center of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science and ICT is located at the Department of Applied Science & Technology of Université Gaston Berger. The Center which is based in Saint-Louis, Senegal is a consortium which involves Senegalese and regional universities as well as research institutes and companies working in the ICT field.

The Center of Excellence aims to change the labor market dynamics by training a skilled workforce and by connecting all stakeholders involved in the fields of Mathematics, Computer Science & ICT in which UGB and its partners possess confirmed expertise.

The goal of CEA-MITIC is to provide research and training programs in order to meet the growing demand of competent managers in the fields linked to ICT (proliferation of mobile phones and other media, expanding sources of communication)

The Center of Excellence will :

  • Provide an adequate training environment for students which includes sophisticated laboratories in Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunication
  • Allow research faculties to enhance their training and research skills
  • Include Mathematics and ICT in a research / training cluster in partnership with institutes, research centers, companies and any other relevant partner.

The CEA-MITIC joins regional and international dynamics directed towards meeting the demand in training and research. The center aims to increase the supply of training at the postgraduate level (Master, PhD) while producing research-based innovative technologies in order to meet the expectations of the youth. It will also strengthen research so as to address the development challenge in Africa. The Applied Science and Technology Department of University Gaston Berger is a leading department particularly in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications.

Current programs at the Master and Doctoral level include: Applied Mathematics, Computer Science & ICT Engineering, Information Systems Development, Network and Telecommunications, Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering, Renewable Energies, Computer Science Methods Applied to Business Management.

The CEA-MITIC will strengthen existing programs by inviting academic specialists and professionals who will conduct workshops and conferences at the Master and Doctoral level. They will also facilitate the immersion of Master level students in the business world.

As of 2016, new Masters will be offered in the following fields:

  • Biomathematics, Bioinformatics,
  • Cryptology, Information Coding and Applications,
  • Embedded and Mobile Technologies and Systems. 

The Center’s priority research areas are:

  • Complex Systems Modeling (Epidemiology, Health, Environment)
  • Networks and Systems Security with Mobility

CEA-MITIC will leverage input from specialists in order to strenghten the supervision of students and young researchers. The Center will also recruit PhD candicates and postdoctoral researchers who will conduct applied research and host events related to the Center’s research themes (workshops, conferences).

As part of the training and research activities of CEA-MITIC, UGB will work with existing partners. We will also work closely with ICT industrial partners as well as higher education institutions that focus on the priority research areas of CEA-MITIC.

Welcome to the African Center of Excellence in Mathematics, Computer Science and ICT.

Pr Moussa Lo
Coordinator of CEA-MITC

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