Co-promotion of mobile learning in domestic higher education in Senegal to be launched

Castalia Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) formed partnership with CEA-MITIC, Senegal’s advanced research institute specialized in information-communication technology (ICT), aiming to promote education and ICT in the country.

Castalia and Prof. Ousmane Thiaré, center leader and vice chancellor of CEA-MITIC who had visited Japan, signed the memorandum with regards to the partnership on October 26.  The partnership starts with a collaborative feasibility study of the utilization of Goocus, Castalia’s mobile learning platform, in the Senegalese higher education.  The two parties will interact through personnel exchanges, such as Castalia providing CEA-MITIC with technological education, and CEA-MITIC sending interns to Castalia, etc.  In the future, they plan to proceed with a collaborative research project aiming for solutions to social issues in Senegal and the West African region.

CEA-MITIC was established in 2014 by joint investment of the Senegalese government and World Bank.  The purpose of establishment was to provide training and research programs to foster and generate high-level human resources towards ICT-related fields in Senegal and West African countries.  The center has also been chosen as the facility for higher education programs in Africa sponsored by World Bank, namely ACE (Africa Center of Excellence), which aims to enrich STEM education in existing higher educational institutions, as well as PASET (Partnership for skills in Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology), a higher education and skill development program that aims to foster human resources in applied sciences, engineering, and technology in the Sub-Saharan African region.

Following the project in Kenya, an Eastern African country, Castalia will work closely with CEA-MITIC, their West African partner by providing them with education and training using ICT, aiming to provide solutions to educational issues in Africa.

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